Sonntag, 19. Juli 2009

Kartoffel Pesto

“Where are you from ?” “Germany.” I reply. “Bloody Germans.” “Yeah right bloody Germans.” “Are you making fun of me ?” “No not at all just calm down.” I finish my men’s business and just close my zipper as a fist hits my face and blood starts running down my mouth onto the floor. This guy is serious. There is no way to get out of this small pee area in this bloody student club. No way to run. I am trapped like a rat in the corner. I have to get my guts together and face a fight. I grab this tall but skinny bastard on his neck and push him into the next toilet. Doors are slamming and he starts looking scared. Kai is waiting outside and the noise attracts him and a bouncer. The bouncer gets between us and wants to kick us out. I show him my face still holding “Mr Funny” with my right arm, strangling him to make sure he doesn’t hit me again. The bouncer get’s the story right and throws my opponent out of the pub. We order a beer I am a kind of shaky but all right.

We finish partying at 1 am and leave to the train station. To make sure nobody gonna hurts me again I chose a covered spot in the middle of Amsterdam to relieve the pain in my bladder. Still holding my manhood in my right hand a policeman on a motorbike shows up and tells me about my current situation, which is obviously pretty nice because it’s one of the best things in the world to get rid of a full bladder. But he doesn’t mean it as I do. He is talking about a fine of 175 Euros or spending the night in jail. I look for Alex and Kai who just finished the same kind of men business and think this is my unluckiest day ever. Why the hell did he catch me? So you can smoke pot in the streets, prostitutes are all over the place but you are not allowed to do a little wee in a quiet street at 2 am ? I love this place. I pay the bill and swear at my fellows who are still hiding in the next street. By the way the delict is called “Wildplassen” in Dutch and I still have the receipt, because it was a pretty expensive one.

We get into the train to Deen Haag and fall asleep. The police wakes us up and asks for our tickets… “Only valid until 3am”. Awesome another bunch of money leaves our pockets and we think it can’t get any worse tonight. We fall asleep again and wake up at 7 am in the morning somewhere in Holland. The train has already stopped. It is light outside and we “collect our bones” to get out of that wagon. We missed Deen Haag and ended up some hours further west. 

I am thinking of this little adventure I had with Kai and Alex in Amsterdam while we drive up north to Palm Beach to leave his fridge in a friend’s garage. He is going to leave Sydney for a year and I think I will miss him a little bit. He leaves all his food in my fridge so I can have rice and beans for at least one year. I also got an artificial Christmas tree, so I don’t have to worry about a palm tree this year. "Pull through" mate and keep me up to date !!! Or better don’t I’d just be jealous all day …

Samstag, 11. Juli 2009