Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Biggest Dolphin ever

This was just unreal. I was and still am stoked.... Let the pictures talk...

the cage
some seals on the way
catching some bait
Hello there
Let's get this party started
Gimme some bait !

couldn't help it... touched it  ooops
picture taken with provided camera in "dramatic" mode

And a little video:

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

From Sydney to Port Lincoln

You know what it's like when you leave a really nice job? It's a bit painful. So I sneak out of the office on Friday without hugging everyone, so my mascara stays in place.

Flip side of the coin is my bank. They kept calling me every day to stop putting any more money into my account otherwise it will blow up. So what can you do ? You go on a trip !

Let it rain

We are on our way to Cobar from Sydney. An initial 700 km ride should take us far away from mobile reception and any urban society. The sun is enjoying it's ray punishments and gives us a damn hard time. Shortly before Cobar a thunderstorm hits the ground and we can enjoy a temperature drop of 20 degrees for a short time. Me and Susi (my motorbike is named after Marta's hot mother in law) are wet and full of dirt, but this was exactly what we wished for.

Define "heat"

I have been in India in summer, I have been in Mexico during summer and I have made some trips through Australia's desert, but when god played with his Sauna muscles this time ... it was just ridiculous.

On the way to White Cliffs I am slowly getting rid of my gear. First the gloves go then the jacket is being opened and I am about to drop my helmet. After a 5 minute break - while having a full bottle of water - the handlebar heats up so much that I have to put my gloves back on to avoid burning my hands. The last bit is a gravel road and I am down to a T-Shirt and speedos. I just can't cope any more.

Crawling through this desert a swimming pool appears and Manuel, Marta and me look at each other and say. "No matter how much this is gonna be, we will take it." We end up sleeping in a Bat Cave having 22 degrees underground and enjoy a beautiful thunderstorm in the pool at 48 degrees.

The pub owners are with us in the pool and so we know where to go and when ;-)

The suburban toilet frog

The next day we aim for Broken Hill and a pleasant 44 degrees ride makes this trip wonderfully enjoyable. On a road house we have to take care of a female bladder. So Marta decides to annoy the owner's dog and make 10 frogs jump out of the loo after flushing.... Imaginations of what could have happened were uncountable.

Bye Bye M&M

After one of the most beautiful sunsets in Silverton and a flash light BBQ I have to say goodbye to Manuel and Marta. These 3 days have been just really impressive. Australia's desert is so adorable and deadly at the same time.

The Loner

Talking about deadly. The night in Silverton has been a 40 degrees sweat fight, so while I leave Susi at the "screw doctor" I organize a motel room with aircon for myself and do nothing but watching TV and cooling my head in that cool artificial breeze.

South Australia

The next day I am heading south west to Port Lincoln. I have to say, that South Australia is one of the most beautiful states of Oz. Here the Outback meets the Sea. Hundreds of Ulurus are combined on one side of the road while the ocean is spewing waves on the other... loving it.

Future plans

Despite the fact that Tazzy is on fire and I probably can't ride around it, I am about to board a vessel that takes me out to see one of the types of shark I haven't seen just yet. After this one it's only the Tiger shark missing on my bucket list to full fill the sighting of all 3 of the biggest men eaters alive. I am really really really excited.

Some videos: