Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

From Noosa to Cooktown - 13130 km

Susi gets pimped

I arrive in Gympie to get my rear tire fixed. Just by the way I mention that my little Susi is a bit of a snail and hasn't much power. He looks dazzled and kinda gets a heart attack. "WHAT ? Your baby is still restricted ? You stay overnight! We get that sorted mate !" Said and done. I spend the night in the middle of nowhere, near a motorbike shop and excitement crawls up my toes, knees... ahm, belly button...and so on..

Can this really be true ? Do they put some more hps in my little Susi ?

Full throttle the next day ... "Motorgasm" - I would say. Now we are talking ! The trip is going to be way easier now. God I love that piece of metal to death.

Rainbow Beach = Bed Bucks

Due to the fact of sleeping on the ground for almost a week I decide to rent a room for 2 days at a backpacker's place. I got another job to finish for Germany, so why not ? The night turns out to be a "Where are you from? What kind of Visa are you on ? Did you hear about that cheap hostel ? I just finished college, I love travelling this is so awesome ! Prince Charles got married ! I can't drive that car since I am not 21 yet. Trust me this is the cheapest way to get drunk ! Let's be friends on facebook! I almost forget already yet my mother's language ! I sleep think in English !" one, so I keep drinking and somehow can tag along with the young party crowd but I definitely feel that I don't belong here. Getting old...

On the other hand side I can proudly take some of the nastiest bed bugs with me.. They still bite me even though I washed everything.

Fraser Island

I decide to do a day trip to Fraser and really don't regret my decision. This beautiful piece of sand is worth a visit and Lake Mckenzie makes me miss my mask and my fins since this water is so crystal clear so that you can already see stuff without any goggle gear.

Town of 1770 town of cougars

It's late. The band rocks. The beer is cheap. I am sitting, drinking, superficially thinking. She looks about fifty. I would have run away but I was on my own....

I get introduced to two other hot older ladies. "So Mario, what are you doing here ?" "I googled cougars in 1770 and you 3 came up, so I came here." We are having a good laugh. The three take me home to a huge villa and keep drinking. Never drink with an Australian girl it's hard to keep up. I fall asleep in one of the rooms at around 4am, after finishing way too many intoxicating spirits and wines and cuddling with the watch dog. We all get up around 9 am. I need a break. But not today and today is Sunday and what do you do on a Sunday in Australia ? Right !

I sleep in the same room again, this time I need to get up at 6 am to catch my boat to the reef. I am still not sure about my blood circumstances so I leave the bike at the camp spot after being dropped off and walk the way to the marina. Holy Poo, what a weekend.

The GBR at it's best

Lady Musgrave Island offers a lagoon which is just amazing. It is expensive to get there but it's worth every cent. Just look at the pictures, my Engrish is too lousy to put it into words.

Rockhampton - the Cure

ROCKhampton I mean ROCK - hampton... has 3 bridges. 2 for cars and one for the train. They also got a river, hence the bridges but it's still not rocking.

I spend a lot of money to get my insurance renewed, even though the girls at the insurance office were a bit annoyed with me. I forced them to renew my rego for NSW in QLD... but persistence helped me through this - bank account wise - painful day.

Midget tents for fat Germans... not so much

I have this wicked tent. It's the creme of the creme, it is the brulee of the cream, it is the top of the rock, the wood of the bush... but it's the dwarf among the smurfs. It is really good for hiking and it's setup in a second and it keeps you damn dry in whatever weather conditions. But the problem was, that having fully protective motorbike clothes plus a helmet plus a laptop plus a digital SLR plus tupperware plus books plus sheep skin all with you in that little tent, makes you a prisoner of your own journey. I can't turn around my head touches the fabric, I can't sit and read a book... naa that's enough. I swap it for a little palace and from now on the nights are way more comfortable.


Quite frankly my dear journey, next time we better skip them and just keep on going. As I wrote earlier, I wasn't too impressed. For me it was something that should be / has to be / must be done, since it's on the way and everybody talks about it. Not my cup of tea. Tourist trap. I do one dive because the instructor talks me into it. But since she is more excited after the dive than I am and I can't understand why she is acting so ..well "hypo", it steals my last bit of excitement . But hey at least I could pay for it and it's exciting to think about the day when you stand in the desert and the ATM says "Insufficient Funds - next city 1000 km - good luck! ". Always look on the bright sides of life ! ;-)

Two crazy Chicks in Cairns

I got enough from Airly Beach and I am craving to get to Cairns where I want to spend some more time, to get to know the reef a bit better. The last night in Airly Beach turns out to be a good one. 5 Dollar Jugs.. damn it. I behave (define "behave") but still have a little headache the next morning. I start the bike at 11am and can't feel my bum at around 5pm anymore. I get a good night sleep in Cardwell. For the first time I am confronted with YASI, who raged over this area a couple of month ago.

The next day I get to Cairns have an interview for a job and an interview with two girls living near cairns in a nice little house. The girls hire me straight away and I move in the next day. The job didn't work out so easy. Let's see what happens. In the mean time I am discovering Cape Tribulation and Cooktown.