Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Whitsundays ? Not so much...

I was a bit pissed off about one of the tours I booked in the Whitsundays in Airlie Beach. I am pretty easy going when it comes to tours, but that day the complaining German had to write a letter...

Letter of complaint

Dear Voyager/"Where What How" - Team,

my name is Mario Herrmann and I did the 3 Island Cruise Tour with You today.

I booked an additional flight for 40 Dollars extra, which was cancelled a day before the tour. When I came back from my yesterday's trip it was too late to actually contact any travel agency to change my plans for today so I went for the cruise only, since I am heading to Cairns tomorrow.

I am really disappointed with the tour You provided. The drop off at Daydream Island was sort of a ferry stop. Nobody explained about what can be done on that Island and the vessel was in a hurry to drop off some pupils for a school camp on another island. The island itself was plastered with "Staff only" signs which made me feel uncomfortable immediately. I thought the Wihtsundays were a national marine park ? Anyway after 20 minutes walk around the Island I get to see dozens of Bull Rays, guitar fishes and Sharks in a little pool that belongs to the resort, which isn't really where they belong.

The second stop was Whithaven Beach. Where I don't even get to spend 2 hours on and the skipper mentiones that nobody will have time to actually walk the 5 km along this beautiful beach. Which makes me feel like a number in a rip off business. So the only destination me and my poor budget actually came to the Whitsundays for (well actually the scenic flight) can only be enjoyed for less than two hours.

At the last stop - Hook Island - a 40 people glass bottom boat awaits a 58 people crowd. The crew splits them up. The first half of the people get to know everything about the reef, while the other half waits upstairs. After swapping the other half down to the "aquarium section" all I get from the staff is marine life jokes.. which is funny but not really informing.

The Snorkeling part is yet at another resort where loud music is played. Without mentioning any stingers and possible risks occuring when stung, people are led into the water. The fish are being fed by the staff, which isn't really my understanding of a marine park.

I know this is no ones personal fault and I got my refund for the missed flight (even though none of the crew members nor the lady on my voice mail could tell me the reason), but the tour itself was more than disappointing. Your brochure suggests that the flight is the best of the tour and that's obviously true.

I wish I wouldn't have come on board and taken a cheaper tour to Whitehaven Beach instead with the possibility to spend more time there.

I am sorry to send this letter, but I am just not satisfied with what I got for my money. Your advertisment should be more transparent and the staff should be more responsible when working in a marine park.

Best regards

Mario Herrmann

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