Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

"This goes straight into the pool room"

I come home after watching one of the classics - "The castle". My key breaks while opening the main back door. Damn. I look for the spare one in our "secret hidden place". No key available. Damn. Ok I call my flatmate, no response, I call her boyfriend, no response. Ok then I call Jiangti, "Mate can I stay in your place ? Just have a little key problem here. ......... Yeah no need to borrow undies I have some laundry hanging outside the house." Done. Stopping a cab opening the door, looking at the cab driver telling him "Well sorry I have no money." Closing the door hitting my head... I deserved it. Getting some cash. Now really catching a cab to central, receiving a call from Jiangti. "You know what I pick u up." Ok fine then. I get out of the cab and start walking towards him ... Paramatta Rd... Blue Mountains. I am walking yes indeed. El novio calls me and my flatmate describes the "New secret key place" which should be shared between flatmates... but she wants to kick me out anyway so she doesn't care that much about it. So I give Jiangti a call. He remains at his current place and waits until I can tell him the good news. I found the keys. I send el novio a message about how much I love his girlfriend and grab a beer out of the fridge ...

now "I have a breather"