Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Trip to India

What you need (for 4 hungry persons):

4 chicken breasts
1.5 l of Yogurt (Greek style NO low fat!)
2 white onions
1 Chilli
1 garlic clove
1 can of sliced peaches (a big one 1l)
1 bag of yellow curry (30-40g)
1 bag of Garam Masala (25g)
2 cans of coconut cream (330ml each)
Chilli Powder
Cooking Oil
Rice (for 4)


- Cut the chicken breast into nice little pieces
- crush the garlic using a garlic crusher and mix through the chicken
- put a bit(half a tea spoon) of chilli and garam masala (2 tea spoons) on top of the garlic chicken mix
- thoroughly mix all these together to ensure the chicken is coated
- Put 0.5 litres of yogurt in a bowl and put heaps (20g) of the yellow curry in it
- Put Garam Masala into it (a lot) and a bit of coriander and ginger (not too much ginger)
- POUR half a can of coconut milk in
- mix thoroughly and season with salt into that mix until you think that's kinda yummy
(add two teaspoons of sugar to make it extra yummy)
- Put the curry mix on top of the chicken and stir everything together
- Leave it in the fridge for at least 2 hours (the longer the better)
- Watch some TV or play a Game or clean the mess in the kitchen you left behind so far
- Cut the onions and the chilLi pepper into rings (remove the seeds of the chilli if you don't want it too spicy)
- start cooking the rice at some stage
- get a big pan , put oil in it (heaps) , heat it up
- put chilli powder (1 tea spoon) in the hot oil
- put the onions and the chilli pepper into it and fry the onions until they are transparent
- pick the chicken pieces out of the curry mix and fry them with the onions
- make sure you have some sauce left over once you have fried all the chicken pieces
- put the fried chicken/onion/chilli mix in a bigger pot
- take the bowl which was occupied by the chicken and put the rest of the coconut cream and the 2nd can of it into it and add some curry to make it all yellow
- You might want to add some spoons of yogurt to improve the consistency
- stir it, add some sugar and salt if desired
- put the can of sliced peaches into it as well
- now you put everything together in that big pot and you let it boil ONCE !!!! (so the peaches are still fruity, fresh and in one piece)!

Serve it with the rest of the Yogurt on the side in case it turned out very spicy. You can put some onion cubes into the yogurt to make it a more traditional Indian meal.

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