Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Adult entertainment

It's getting bloody bloody, when the sun hits the horizon, says Good Morning to Europe and Good Night to the Outback in Croydon. Every baby boy or baby girl would be blasted away by the amount of baby blue and baby pink the sky offers after mother sun hits mother earth. It's amazing. I am having a Vomit Bomb while I am watching the natural wonders at Croydon's only pub. I am not capturing the moment I just enjoy every second of it without being bothered with a camera.

Hotel Croydon

"If my dog had a face as ugly as yours, I'd make him shave his butt and walk backwards." is the first thing I get to know in the local pub. The fridge is plastered with stickers and the country boys are well boozed already. At around 8 pm the locals are telling amazing stories about their farm life in an amazing Aussie accent. "Big tips, for big tits!" says the bloke next to me and reaches over to the busty waitress and puts 20 bucks in her bra. She smiles, I smirk. Welcome to the outback.

The roads of happiness

Highway number one is my beloved road number one. I have never seen it so tiny though. Heading west via Georgetown it turns into one lane only with sandy side patches. 50 meter road trains are honking as I won't leave the paved part of it. Meters away they turn hard left and probably swear buckets of four letter words, while I keep my part of the tar and dive into a red cloud of dust. I love it.

Discovering the outback is for adults

As I am hitting the Northern Territory I realise how cheap it becomes. Camping costs close to nothing. The East Coast was a big "wallet eater".

The best part of it is, that there are rarely any backpackers around and an older generation of travellers accompany oneself during the days. Looks like it's getting more mature out here.

Susi can be a pain

Susi rocks the roads easily during the first day. Day number two turns out to be her girly day. She is stubborn. She spits cables, destroys indicators and starts leaking oil. I kneel down in red dust near Normanton, undress my baby and try to fix her myself, which doesn't turn out too well being an office slapped programmer who needs a keyboard and a shell to fix things. I make it to Mount Isa, get advise from a mechanic, since Mr Google couldn't help either and finally get my speedometer, my blinker and the leaking oil fixed without spending a dime. I still love her though ;-)

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